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Artists Interpret Historic Rancho Camulos

Artists Interpret Historic Rancho Camulos

Uploaded 05/15/2016

Rancho Camulos, garden spot of the Santa Clarita Valley, known as the “Home of Ramona” and an idyllic location for a wedding, was turned into an artist’s tableau Saturday as plein-air painters participated in the annual Artists Day at the historic California rancho.

A pleasant spring breeze accentuated the views of the 1853 adobe home of the Del Valle family, as well as the famous rose gardens, the 1867 winery building, the chapel, and the schoolhouse built in 1930 by the rancho’s second owner, August Rübel.

Artists spread themselves throughout the grounds of the Rancho Camulos Museum and were treated to lunch and guided tours by museum docents.

Open for public viewing on Sundays, Rancho Camulos Museum is located 10 miles west of Valencia on scenic Highway 126.

For more information about Rancho Camulos, click here.

For the history and old photos of the ranch, click here.


1 Comment for Rancho Camulos: Artists Interpret Historic Rancho Camulos
  1. Beautiful spot to paint! Thanks for sharing, Terri!

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