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Caltrans News Flash | Caltrans Director’s Bike Ride

Uploaded 06/01/2016

Caltrans Director’s Bike Ride
In this Caltrans News Flash, come along on the annual Director’s Bike Ride, where Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty, along with his executive team and cycling stakeholders ride through downtown Sacramento and West Sacramento to highlight how the advantages of and opportunities for bicycling-focused transportation planning.
This informative video is an opportunity to learn more about what Caltrans is doing to offer transportation choices that serve the public, satisfy public demand and are sustainable. Among them is the drafting of the first-ever California State Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, which will guide Caltrans’ efforts to include bicycle and pedestrian considerations in all department policies, programs and projects. The plan will lead to improved connections between the state’s bicycle and pedestrians paths and the network of local and regional roads, public transit and intercity and passenger rail.

May 31, 2016

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