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SCV News | COC English Professor Wins on ‘Jeopardy’

Uploaded 06/16/2016

COC English Professor Wins on ‘Jeopardy’

A COC English professor won more than $50,000 last month on the famous television game show.

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23 Comments for SCV News: COC English Professor Wins on ‘Jeopardy’
  1. Wow awesome..congrats

  2. Debbie Gabriel says:

    Go Professor Erin. Congratulations

  3. William Santiago thats my old english prof!!!!

  4. Shari Barbosa-Smith Rachel Smith Stephanie Smith

  5. Diane Loye Diane Loye says:

    Good for her!!

  6. Gil Castro bris teacher

  7. Craig Berry Craig Berry says:

    Jason Lawrence Berry

  8. I know she was selling the car she won on scv buy n sell

  9. Krista Maria Gamboa Taline Salaheddine PROFESSOR DELANEY

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