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Around Town | Cobblestone Cottage Hosts Handbag Trade-In

Uploaded 07/19/2016

Cobblestone Cottage Hosts Handbag Trade-In

While many of us consider various charities and organizations to donate our old clothes or accessories to, one place to consider donating your handbags to is Cobblestone Cottage.

The store is hosting the annual Handbag Trade-In event, through Brighton, to help raise money for the Assistance League of Santa Clarita.

From July 15 to July 24, anyone can bring in their gently used handbags to receive up to $50 off a Brighton handbag.

While store manager, Jamee Bandt estimates the store has already received around 40 handbag donations, she also stresses that they are still accepting more and will continue to accept bags until the charity drives ends on Sunday.

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