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Around Town | Habitat for Humanity to Help Sand Fire Victims Rebuild

Uploaded 08/04/2016

Habitat for Humanity to Help Sand Fire Victims Rebuild

After the Sand Fire destroyed 18 structures and damaged countless others, many are facing a reality of needing to rebuild.

Habitat for Humanity is hoping to help with that process by raising funds to go towards rebuilding damaged and destroyed homes, as well as getting their hands dirty and assisting Sand Fire victims.


Restore Sand Canyon
The Sand Canyon Fire has burned through almost 39,000 acres of land in the Santa Clarita Valley. 20,000 people were evacuated from their homes, but have now been allowed to return to begin the clean up and rebuilding process. Even homes not burned still become collateral damage, falling victim to necessary materials used to fight the fire such as tons of water, fire retardant that leaves carpets, walls and flooring uninhabitable and significant smoke damage.
It is Habitat for Humanity SF/SCV’s mission to provide affordable housing and services to low-income Veteran and civilian families. In times of emergency, such as these, this mission leads us to take action to help reestablish safe living conditions or in some extreme cases, relocate victims into Habitat homes. The area affected will leave many families devastated both emotionally and economically by the fires.
Habitat for Humanity SF/SCV is preparing to step up and aide in the relief and rebuilding efforts that will follow this massive fire. We need your help in order to provide these services!
Ways to Help:
Monetary Donation: Make a donation that we will dedicate towards rehab efforts in Santa Clarita Valley. These funds will go to help with Gap funding or to provide rebuilding materials. CLICK HERE or call (818) 884-8808 to make a donation.
ReStore Donation: Donate building materials, furniture and other household items to our ReStore that we can use to aid victims of the fire. In particular cement, carpeting and flooring donations in large quantities. Contact our ReStore Manager, Sylvia Bardelli at (818) 341-9928 to arrange pick up for donated materials.
Help Us Locate Families in Need: If you or someone you know is a family or individual whose home has been affected by the Sand Canyon fire or whose home could be affected by collateral damage from; direct fire damage, smoke damage to home or furniture, water damage from helicopter water drops that are needed to protect your home, fire retardant, etc. Please contact us at 818-884-8808.
Volunteer: Once rebuilding has begun, there will be a huge need for volunteers to help in construction and rehabilitation of affected homes. Please contact Donielle DeLeon at (818) 884-8808 to find out more about volunteer opportunities and needs.
Habitat for Humanity SF/SCV and the Santa Clarita Valley sincerely thank you for your assistance during this trying time. With your help, we can work to rebuild Sand Canyon and make sure its residents get the resources they need.
(c) 2016 SCVTV
1 Comment for Around Town: Habitat for Humanity to Help Sand Fire Victims Rebuild
  1. Sandfire Victim says:

    No help or assistance was given to the Sandfire victims. We lost our home and Donielle said the funds and assistance are for firefighters not victims. Completely contradictory to this video

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