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JPL Von Karman Lecture | Rosetta & the Comet

Uploaded 08/23/2016

Rosetta & the Comet

The Rosetta Mission: Comet C-G up Close

August 11 & 12, 2016

Rosetta has been one of the most difficult space missions ever attempted. After 10 years of flight, it caught up with a comet speeding at 55,000 km/h and dropped a lander on its surface. Then the mother craft orbited the comet for another year and a half, coming as close as 6 km from the surface. In September of 2016, the mothership, not designed for landing, will touch down onto the comet and end the mission. This public talk will describe the upcoming landing, and tell you what we’ve learned from Rosetta about comets and the formation of the solar system.


Bonnie Buratti, U.S. Rosetta Project Scientist, JPL

Artur Chmielewski, U.S. Rosetta Project Manager, JPL



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