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Community Has a Heart for Carousel Ranch

Community Has a Heart for Carousel Ranch

Uploaded 08/28/2016

Saturday’s 20th annual Heart of the West fundraiser was a sell-out as hundreds of supporters returned to Carousel Ranch in Agua Dulce for a full evening of fun and entertainment.

Highlight of the event – which included live music from Rebel Heart, silent and live auctions with two puppies and and an after-party poker game – was a demonstration showcasing the amazing work Carousel Ranch does to improve the lives of special-needs children and young adults through equestrian therapy.

Carousel Ranch is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing developmental therapeutic and recreational programs for disabled and disadvantaged children through horses. Established in July 1997, this exciting concept in equestrian therapy combines vaulting (gymnastics on a moving horse) and therapeutic riding (both English and Western), resulting in an exceptional goal orientated program for special needs children.

The goals and benefits are different for every child, depending on their individual needs. The movement of the horse causes an inherent response from the child, relaxing muscles that are tight, increasing tone in muscles that are weak, building balance, coordination and control, which in turn enables children to use hands and arms, sit, stand and walk.


3 Comments for Carousel Ranch: Community Has a Heart for Carousel Ranch
  1. Anonymous says:

    And a local band Rebel Heart
    that donated their time and talents for this great cause

    • Anonymous says:

      Which is not the band in the picture pisted

      • Carousel mom says:

        We really enjoyed Rebel Heart’s music and appreciate them donating their time for our kids benefit! My daughter, who is a Carousel Ranch client, danced for hours! I’m sorry they didn’t get a picture posted. Btw, the picture of the band they do have posted are volunteer parents and siblings whose kids attend Carousel Ranch. We were there to welcome guests that first hour and a half. :)

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