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CHSRA | Presentation: Palmdale to Burbank Alternatives

Uploaded 09/16/2016

Presentation: Palmdale to Burbank Alternatives

The California High-Speed Rail Authority held an open house meeting in Palmdale in September 2016 to discuss the Palmdale to Burbank project section.

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1 Comment for CA High-Speed Rail Authority: Presentation: Palmdale to Burbank Alternatives
  1. Bruce Hector MD says:

    Dear Sir,
    I listened with interest to the online presentation and visited the HSR website. I live in the Angeles Forest on Little Tujunga Canyon Road in Pacoima Canyon. The map for the E1 routes appears to essentially pass beneath my property. The legend indicates the tunnel would be 500- 1000’ underground but does not indicate if that is from the mountain top or valley floor. In the former case, it would likely be passing through the aquifer that feeds my well. I have documented water from 70’ below ground (roughly 2600’ altitude) to more than 400’. Can a tunnel be put through a water table? Will doing so pollute the aquifer that drains near the San Fernando Mission area? I intend to attend coming meetings but rarely is there time to get this rather detailed and somewhat nuanced question addressed.
    Your assistance would be appreciated.
    Bruce P. Hector M.D.

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