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Caltrans News Flash | Double Tracking to Increase Rail Capacity

Uploaded 09/27/2016

Double Tracking to Increase Rail Capacity

In this News Flash, Caltrans spokesperson Angela DaPrato goes behind the scenes as crews worked on a $40 million project using a track laying machine. This innovative way of laying concrete ties helped crews complete a double track project, which was necessary to add two additional round trip passenger trains to the San Joaquin Corridor.



Caltrans Reminds Riders to Stop, Look and Listen as Amtrak Services Increase

MERCED — In honor of the last week of Rail Safety Month, Caltrans is releasing behind-the-scenes footage of its track laying machine and the new innovative way crews are laying concrete ties to complete its rail projects saving the department time and money.

Caltrans and BNSF Railway completed a $40 million double track project this summer, which was necessary to add two additional round trip passenger trains to the San Joaquin Corridor.

This is the first expansion of train service on the San Joaquins in over 14 years. The route between the Bay Area and the San Joaquin Valley has not had an increase in service in over 23 years.

As Caltrans moves forward in providing multimodal transportation options, the department wants to remind Californians about the national public awareness campaign, “See Tracks? Think Train!”

According to the California Operation Lifesaver, California ranks number one in railroad trespass casualties and number two in crossing incidents in the United States. A person is hit by a train in the U.S. every three hours. These incidents are preventable as long as you remember three simple rules the next time you are near rail road tracks:

STOP when lights are flashing and the gates go down. Do NOT proceed until the gates go up, a train may be coming from the other direction.

LOOK for headlights and heed all flashing warning signs.

LISTEN for approaching trains — they are very quiet. Remove ear buds.

For more safety tips, please visit

Amtrak San Joaquins service is funded by the state of California through Caltrans who owns the majority of the equipment used on the San Joaquins. Caltrans is responsible for statewide rail planning, budgeting, performance monitoring, oversight of equipment maintenance, equipment upgrade and overhaul projects, and coordination between the three state supported intercity passenger rail services: the Capitol Corridor, Pacific Surfliner, and Amtrak San Joaquins.

Caltrans has worked in partnership with BNSF Railway for over 30 years to develop capital rail projects that provide ride quality, safety, operational improvements, expansion of the number of passenger trains, and expanding multimodal transportation options.


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