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City of Santa Clarita | Connie Worden-Roberts Golden Valley Bridge Dedicated

Uploaded 10/04/2016

Connie Worden-Roberts Golden Valley Bridge Dedicated

The City of Santa Clarita hosted a ribbon cutting Tuesday for the Golden Valley Road Bridge widening over the 14 Freeway at Golden Valley Road. This bridge will improve traffic flow entering and exiting the 14 Freeway. The project added two lanes of travel, one in each direction, for a total of four through lanes. Improvements also included a dedicated left turn lane for the southbound 14 Freeway, two left turn lanes for the northbound 14 Freeway and a protected path for pedestrians and cyclists on the south side of the bridge.

The Golden Valley Road Bridge is also renamed in honor of the late Connie Worden-Roberts, a local advocate and Santa Clarita community leader.


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1 Comment for City of Santa Clarita: Connie Worden-Roberts Golden Valley Bridge Dedicated
  1. Jennifer K says:

    Connie was a great lady constantly dedicated to making all of Santa Clarita a better place to live and work. I miss her and the community suffered a great loss when she left us.

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