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Santa Clarita Business Minute | Advanced Manufacturing with Advanced Bionics

Uploaded 10/07/2016

Advanced Manufacturing with Advanced Bionics

Local manufacturer Advanced Bionics is a global leader in developing the most advanced cochlear implant systems in the world. Always focused on innovations that improve quality of life, AB has consistently made the industry’s leading advancements in hearing technology.

In the latest Santa Clarita Business Minute, Advanced Bionics’ executives Jim Robinson and Arthur Rascon, discuss the quality career opportunities available in the growing manufacturing industry.

Jim Robinson, Managing Director/VP of Operations

Arthur Rascon, VP of Manufacturing/Quality Engineering

In Santa Clarita more than 6,000 businesses benefit from a variety of recruitment services, training programs, and incentives to help businesses succeed. College of the Canyons, America’s Job Center, Centers for Applied Competitive Technologies, and Fast Track CNC Machinist Training programs deliver innovative and customized solutions to businesses’ operational and workforce needs.

The Santa Clarita Business Minute is a profile of successful local businesses making the most of those advantages.

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