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Santa Clarita Business Incubator | Spotlight: 3D SensIR

Uploaded 10/21/2016

Spotlight: 3D SensIR

One of the City of Santa Clarita’s Business Incubator resident entrepreneurial companies, 3D-SensIR Inc., is bringing 3D mapping to the palm of the hand. 3D-SensIR Inc. designs and builds handheld-mobile smart 3D camera systems that capture reality and transform it into photorealistic 3D models directly on-site.

The patented smart handheld camera systems include intelligent proprietary software, integrated with multiple sensors. The proprietary software used by 3D-SensIR cohesively stitches data from multiple sensors to deliver 3D color image data that is compatible with commercial 3D modeling software.

By generating detailed scene information containing high definition imagery and measurement data, 3D-SensIR can greatly increase a user’s ability to capture and interact with a scene digitally in real time.


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