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Around Town | Lowes Revamps Men’s Dorm at Bridge-to-Home Shelter

Uploaded 10/27/2016

Lowes Revamps Men’s Dorm at Bridge-to-Home Shelter

The Bridge to Home homeless shelter saw its men’s dorm get revamped by volunteers from Lowes, East Santa Clarita on Wednesday and Thursday.

The Winter Shelter is preparing to open on November 21 and the revamp is hoping to provide a comfortable place for those who will soon be staying at the shelter.

The work done included the installation of new laminate flooring, a fresh coat of paint, new blinds, upgraded thermostat that will help with cooling/heating bills, new locks and décor items to give the space a more welcoming feel.

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3 Comments for Around Town: Lowes Revamps Men’s Dorm at Bridge-to-Home Shelter
  1. Get story, let’s all support this Lowe’s in appreciation!👍👏

  2. Mike Boggio Mike Boggio says:

    Wish I was there to help. Great story!

  3. Jean Kutylo Jean Kutylo says:

    We should all give applause to Lowe’s volunteers.

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