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National Archives & Records Admin. | About the Electoral College (Live 11-10-2016)

Uploaded 11/10/2016

About the Electoral College (Live 11-10-2016)

“It is the states, not the people, who elect the president of the United States.” Amy Bunk, the Federal Register’s Director of Legal Affairs and Policy, discusses the function of the Electoral College in presidential elections as well as the Federal Register’s role in disseminating government regulations, proposed rules and notices, executive orders, proclamations and other presidential documents.

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2 Comments for National Archives & Records Admin.: About the Electoral College (Live 11-10-2016)
  1. JIm Crowley says:

    Interesting. However Amy Bunk failed to answer a key question (asked 2 times) Why do we use the electoral college to elect the Pres. and not the popular vote? Here is a link to explain it in simpler terms Please take the 5 minutes and I think you will find the answer to the question very informative.

  2. Thank you for the explanation!

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