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SCV News | Vasquez Canyon Road Reopens After Nearly a Year

Uploaded 11/23/2016

Vasquez Canyon Road Reopens After Nearly a Year

A popular commuter route connecting the Santa Clarita Valley with Agua Dulce and the Antelope Valley was reopened Wednesday.

The road opening comes nearly one year after a 400-foot section of the roadway was spectacularly lifted and destroyed by a landslide.

“The same natural forces that, within a matter of hours, turned Vasquez Canyon Road into an undulating strip of broken pavement also hastened the County’s rebuilding of the road,” Supervisor Antonovich said.

Following reports of buckling pavement on the roadway, the rapid failure of a slope on an adjacent hillside resulted in the road’s closure on Nov. 19, 2015. By the following morning, the dramatic destruction of the roadway had attracted international media attention.

LA County Public Works crews removed broken pavement from the closed section in December 2015 and retained it onsite for re-use as a foundation for the new roadway. Meanwhile, the County pursued acquisition of the neighboring hillside property; the Board of Supervisors authorized the eminent domain process earlier this fall.

Work to clear landslide debris began in June. As crews removed material, the unstable hillside continued to collapse into the County’s right-of-way, where up to 58,000 cubic yards of material was hauled away. Public Works took additional steps to buttress the base of the slope deep within the roadway before it was rebuilt.

Additional work to shape and stabilize the hillside can be expected once the County acquires the hillside property.

To date, construction costs are estimated at $4 million.

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  1. Helen Slevin, John Slevin look what we missed.

  2. Chris Kasten says:

    Did not miss a thing.

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