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SCV News | Pool Opens in Castaic but may be Closed by Dec. 16

Uploaded 11/30/2016

Pool Opens in Castaic but may be Closed by Dec. 16

An Olympic-sized pool nearly 3 years in the making was finally opened to the public today in Castaic. But, the excitement was short lived.

The ceremony was met with frustration after an announcement was made by the county that the pool would be closed for the season on December 16 due to lack of funding.

Many pools around Los Angeles County are only open for 10 weeks, during the summer when kids are more likely to swim. But for swimmers dreaming of Olympic gold – 10 weeks just isn’t enough.

County officials are hopeful that they can come to an agreement with private swim clubs and interested swimmers to find ways to keep the new pool open longer.

No decisions on keeping the pool open have been decided yet – but swimmers are optimistic about the possibility about it staying open.

The pool opening ceremony was also one of Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich’s last press conferences before he leaves office Monday. See our web extra featuring Antonovich [here].

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1 Comment for Castaic Sports Complex: Pool Opens in Castaic but may be Closed by Dec. 16
  1. Charlotte says:

    Please let this beautiful aquatic center in Castaic stay open year-around. So much money has been spent building it. So many clubs will be paying to use it which will be far better a scenario than having no money coming back to you. THEN comes the sheer element of how many kids and teens are swimming towards goals, futures and just the love of the sport. We want our children to have healthy habits and activities away from the video games etc. we are worried about the huge childhood obesity crisis. But we cannot provide them with a place to go. PLEASE reconsider.

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