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This Week in Santa Clarita: Bike Sharing Survey

Uploaded 02/09/2017

Bike Sharing Survey

This Week in Santa Clarita, we want to know if you would like to have a bike share program in Santa Clarita! This European phenomenon has taken over cities like Brooklyn, Chattanooga, and even in Los Angeles!

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10 Comments for This Week in Santa Clarita: Bike Sharing Survey
  1. Wayne says:

    Where will the bikes be placed? If they are placed how do I get to them? If I drive my car will you provide parking so I can use the bike? If I take a local bus to get to them why bother with the bike the bus will take me where I need to go. Whose going to administer this program? How many people will be needed to run the program? Whose going to pay for it? We live in a commuter community. I seriously don’t many will be interested. Avid bike riders won’t need them they have their own bikes. What purpose will they serve our community? Will the people suggesting this program use them? If the city council approves this project I look forward to seeing them all show up at council meetings riding them.

  2. mellie says:

    Where’s the “survey”? I know what the ruse is here, to persuade us to ditch our cars and become just like commie China and socialist Europe. There are already too many bicycles on the roads meant for cars, and they cause a lot of dangerous problems. Plus, they’ve already taken away lanes not meant for bicycles. I say, absolutely not.

  3. Mark Kashay Mark Kashay says:

    For those who say no public funds, would you say the same to parks? If no, then explain the difference.

  4. Carol Clark Carol Clark says:

    I think it would be a fantastic use of our resources. It gets people off the road, and into the fresh air. I would imagine it would be much less expensive to operate than many of the programs we have.

  5. Trudy Trump Trudy Trump says:

    I agree NO PUBLIC FUNDS!!! …This is suburbia not an urban city…mostly families with kids to take all over town…in cars and SUV’s further most folks already own a bike if they are inclined to that mode of transportation.. and yes…our roads have higher speed limits making more bikes a valid safety concern because as we all know people in cars speed and disregard the safety of others.

  6. Shane Greedy Shane Greedy says:

    If its privately funded then great, no public funds, it will be a losing venture. To many will not respect it.

  7. Speeds are way too high to make it family friendly, I think.

  8. Julie Mair Julie Mair says:

    Seems to work well in Santa
    Monica…Let’s try it!

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