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Caltrans | Caltrans News Flash: Asphalt vs. Concrete

Uploaded 03/09/2017

Caltrans News Flash: Asphalt vs. Concrete

In this Caltrans News Flash, you’ll learn how concrete and asphalt pavements are made, how they are different and why the Department uses both.


Both asphalt and concrete are made from a rock or gravel base, but the material that binds the rock together is different. Cement holds concrete together, and in asphalt, refined oil binds the rock and gravel.


Before placing pavement, Caltrans studies the soil at the site, the traffic the roadway is expected to carry, and the weather to determine which material is best for each location. Concrete handles high-truck traffic, chains and studded tires better, so Caltrans uses it in cities and on mountain passes. Two thirds of California’s state highway system is asphalt, which cures faster and is less expensive.

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1 Comment for Caltrans : Caltrans News Flash: Asphalt vs. Concrete
  1. Michelle Harambasic says:

    Why doesn’t California use recycled tires in their
    freeways like Arizona does! It’s smoother, quieter
    and doesn’t havery potholes. With the amount
    of cars in this state, we should have an
    unlimited supply of used tires to use!

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