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Sierra Vista Junior High | Sierra Vista Life, 4-12-17

Uploaded 04/12/2017

Sierra Vista Life, 4-12-17
TALENT SHOW – Do you like to sing, play an instrument, dance or just have an awesome hidden talent?Come and try out for the annual Sierra Vista talent show, which will take place on Thursday, April 27th at 5pm! Try outs for the Talent Show are this week on Wednesday, after school from 2:15 to 3:30 in the MPR. Please sign up Monday through Wednesday during Lunch or Brunch in room 1002. Please ask Mrs.Terranova in room 1002 for any questions. ASB cant wait to see your amazing talent!
LIBRARY CLOSED TODAY- The SV Library will be closed at brunch and lunch today due to the Civil War reenactments.  Please take care of your library needs before or after school on this day.
GOLD RUSH- Team Gold Rush congratulates our Gold Medal Students of the week for the Week of April 10, 2017 Jordan Wise is a true leader, diplomatic and contributes thought provoking ideas to class discussions.  Additionally, Jordan is friendly and kind to everyone!  She’s got a heart of gold. Porter Lawler is an excellent student, consistently hard-working and puts forth 110% effort.  He’s very respectful to teachers and students.  Additionally, we really enjoy Porter’s personality and clever sense of humor.
SPURS-The Spurs Team would like to congratulate the following students for achieving Student of the Month for April: Tanner Miele, Julia Lozingot, Caroline McHale, Joel Abundez.
They are all excellent students who work hard and make our team great!  Awesome job Tanner, Julia, Caroline and Joel!  Please stop by room 102 this week to pick up your certificate.
FUN FRIDAY-Fun Friday this week we will be playing volleyball, so pick your teams and when you are done, come to room 1002 all week during brunch to sign up your team.Come join us for Fun Friday. We will be having teams of your choice sign-up to play a game of volleyball in the quad. We will be having music also. Please be aware that space is limited, so come to room 1002 ASAP to sign-up. We only have so much time at lunch, so teams will only be able to play for 15 minutes. Hope to see you there.
MIX IT UP DAY- Mix it up day is coming up on April 17th at brunch! By room 1002, Your B period teachers will be passing out labels. Come and mix it up with us. Hope to see you there!
BOX TOPS COLLECTION-We’re collectiing Box Tops again this year.  Containers are in the Team Leaders room.  Box Tops will be collected at the end of each month.  Students bringing in Box Tops with their name on the back of the Tops will be entered in a monthly drawing for ice cream passes so be sure to listen to the announcements to see if you won.
Today in clubs and activities the Rubix cube club meets in room 401, the Yo Yoers club will be in room 902 and, the Tutor chess club meets in room 1001! All of these will be meeting at lunch. Finally the CHS tutoring club will be meeting in the library after school. Also Mrs. Mowry’s reading/writing workshop will be happening after school! In addition, Video Game Club Members. This week only, Video Game Club will be FRIDAY after school in room 101 because of a time conflict in Mrs. Flaherty’s schedule. If you cannot make it, no worries.  We will resume our normal schedule after school on Thursdays April 27th. Thanks for understanding!
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