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Nonprofit/PSA | Eric Stroh, 2017 SCV Man of the Year

Uploaded 05/05/2017

Eric Stroh, 2017 SCV Man of the Year

Eric Stroh

Vice President, Santa Clarita Concrete

Nominated by Carousel Ranch Carousel Ranch (11.5 years)

President • Vice President • Chair and Creator, “How the West Was Won” Trap Shoot

From the time Eric joined the Carousel Ranch board, he has been an integral part of the organization. Shortly after joining, Eric stepped up and filled the role of interim president. He took his position very seriously, working hard to take the organization to a new level. None of us, Eric included, could have had any idea of the incredible challenges and changes we would face in the years to follow – yet with Eric as our leader, the ranch not only survived the toughest of financial times, but thrived. Eric was with us, buying property to complete renovations of our new home, obtaining our conditional use permit, attending countless County meetings, to the completion of our biggest project ever — the building of our long-awaited covered arena. One of Eric’s greatest achievements and contributions has been his work as co-creator and chair of our Trap Shoot. From concept to completion, this has really been Eric’s event. For many months each year (this being the 9th annual), Eric has been the one that has literally “made” this event, raising over $250,000 over the years. From soliciting teams to creating the day’s events, entertainment, and literally every element of how it all works. He is always involved in every event and undertaking that we have. He personally dedicates countless hours to the success of Carousel Ranch’s annual Heart of the West event, which his personal efforts directly result in raising tens of thousands of dollars each year. Eric is always ready, willing and able to make calls, obtain donations, and simply get any job done. Eric is exceptionally proud that his daughter, Jolie, has become one of the ranch’s staff.

Eric Stroh has been calling the Santa Clarita Valley home since 1988 when his future wife praised it as the perfect place to raise a family. After he earned his Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, Eric bought his first home, got hired as a sales engineer for Honeywell, and asked his college sweetheart to marry him. By 1996, the couple had two daughters. In 2003, Eric left corporate America and began working alongside his father-in-law at Santa Clarita Concrete. Being able to help grow the family business while having the freedom to be present and involved in all aspects of his daughters’ lives has been Eric’s greatest joy. He has never missed a school production, an award ceremony, or sporting event. Eric is always front and center with his camera as his girls’ biggest fan. It was his daughter Jolie’s obsession with horses that first brought Eric to Carousel Ranch. Together, they have given hours of love and support to the Ranch. When Eric isn’t working, he can be found on the water ,either wakeboarding or paddle boarding, with his family.

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  1. Greg Brown Greg Brown says:

    A tradesman, not a pencil pusher. 👍🏽🏆

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