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CHSRA | High-Speed Rail Construction Update, May 2017

Uploaded 05/13/2017

High-Speed Rail Construction Update, May 2017

A look at the construction progress of the nation’s first high-speed rail line in May 2017.

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9 Comments for CA High-Speed Rail Authority: High-Speed Rail Construction Update, May 2017
  1. It’s impossible to make high speed rail through the mountains north of LA. They’d have to build a massive tunnel so they could maintain speeds. That could cost trillions.

  2. Tom Pniewski says:

    Anyone looking forward to traveling on this train when completed from actual point “A” to point “B” in 50 years raise your hands. Anyone? Anyone?

  3. Complete waste of taxpayer dollars

  4. Thank your democrats

  5. John Chan says:

    Waste, filing union pockets

  6. Greg Banta says:

    This entire project needs to be jettisoned.

  7. Hopefully president trump won’t give any money to moonbeam no one want the high speed rail anywhere near la ,valley ,or acton

  8. So how many billions have already been allocated/spent for this?

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