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Canyon High School | Choir Teacher Mary Purdy’s Farewell from Canyon High School

Uploaded 05/17/2017

Choir Teacher Mary Purdy’s Farewell from Canyon High School

Produced by Jeffrey Escobar and Caulista Reyes

Mary Purdy’s Retirement after 26 years at Canyon High School

6 Comments for Canyon High School: Choir Teacher Mary Purdy’s Farewell from Canyon High School
  1. Alexandru Ivanescu says:

    Choir was probably the best years of my life when I was in high school. It was the only place that I can actually feel like everybody actually cared about what I had to say and on top of that Miss Purdy made me into a much more disciplined singer. To top it all off I got to learn some very important life skills from her as well. I am eternally grateful that I had the honor in the chance to talk to and be a student of of Miss pretty. We definitely had a lot of fun memories and definitely had some exciting times. I am definitely an old students of hers I graduated in 2007. What are the two things that I definitely can remember when I was in her class was always singing the most interesting and at the same time the most beautiful music. It definitely challenged me in every way. Vocalize and mental wise as well. Being able to learn all the different languages that I stood for was probably the most fascinating part for me. Even when i was not part of that particular class, I would find any possible time or chance to go in some sort of choir while she was there. I remember a lot of times that I would join in on Men’s Choir or women’s choir. Also every now and again I would try to join magicals singing. I tried to learn. every piece of music that each of the choirs were singing. In the process of doing so I ended up meeting a lot of friends. And I think that it only strengthened the bond between me and Miss pretty as student to teacher. Most wonderful teacher I have ever met.

  2. Rebecca (Rendich) Bennett says:

    I was lucky enough to have Mrs. Purdy as my choir teacher in 7th & 8th grade at Sierra Vista. I learned so much from her, things I will never forget. She is such a neat lady & I know she has touched many lives over the course of all the years she taught. Enjoy your retirement, you will be missed!!

  3. She was my choir teacher in Jr High. Love her! Congratulations on your retirement Ms. Purdue! πŸŽΆπŸ’•

  4. I attended Grace Baptist Church where Mary Purdy was apart of the church choir, she is one amazing beautiful lady. Congratulations on your retirement, and enjoy your next journey in life.

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