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COC Cougar News | Free Speech on College Campuses

Uploaded 05/17/2017

Free Speech on College Campuses

COC students share their views on free speech on college campuses.

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11 Comments for COC Cougar News: Free Speech on College Campuses
  1. Sally Mehr Sally Mehr says:

    They need to go to class and learn something instead of sitting on the grass learning to be an idiot…they are such a joke…

  2. Myk Halibut Myk Halibut says:

    The second defends the first..

  3. John Gilbert John Gilbert says:

    Free Speech is a two way street and can become traffic circle the more directions peoples opinions can take. Issues are not always one way or the other. There used to be a saying, “Treat others as you would want to be treated.”

  4. So to be clear…. when I voice my approval of President Trump I won’t be beat up, spat on, judged or denied anything that a liberal would get? Yeah, ok.

    • These kids arn’t promoting racism, misogyny or violence so they should be okay. If you support a sexual assaulting conman expect to have decent Americans call you out on being a terrible excuse for a human being.

    • I guess the same judgment can be expected for Hillary…. got it, thanks

    • So much for FREE speech. You just proved their point….

    • Kara McArdle Kara McArdle says:

      Brandon didn’t say you aren’t allowed to say what you want. He’s simply stating that people are allowed to criticize your beliefs.

    • You’re right to free speech stops once it interferes or dangers the lives and freedoms of innocent Americans.

    • I like what John Gilbert had to say in that you should “treat others as you would want to be treated”. According to both Elizabeth & Brandon… Freedom of speech only applies if the other person believes the way you do or you are subject to being verbally ridiculed… (as Brandon proved in his response to Elizabeth.) That seems to be the liberal way as of late. And before you start attacking me, please know I voted for Obama his second term. I’m neither a democrat or republican… I vote my conscience. Unfortunately this election year both candidates were the worst of the worst…. so I had to hold my nose and vote for the candidate I believed was the least corrupt…

    • Tricia Zweck Correa… agreed. However, I don’t believe freedom of speech only applies to the like- minded (sorry if that’s how I came across). I actually believe quite the opposite…. thus my comment. These days it seems like you can speak your mind only if you are liberal minded. Any conservative thinking seems to be taken with hate… and responded to with hate unfortunately.

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