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COC Cougar News | Right to Rescue Act

Uploaded 05/17/2017

Right to Rescue Act

Santa Clarita Sheriff Deputy Kevin Duxbury shares information regarding the California Right to Rescue Act. Alahna Martinez reports for Cougar News.

About The Right to Rescue Act

AB-797 provides legal immunity for a person who damages a car in a good faith effort to save an animal from dangerous conditions while trapped in a hot car.

To receive legal immunity, a person must comply with all of the following requirements:

  1. Determine the car is locked or there is no other reasonable method to remove the animal from the vehicle;
  2. Have a reasonable and good faith belief that the animal is in imminent danger if not immediately removed;
  3. Contact law enforcement prior to entering the vehicle;
  4. Use no more force than necessary to enter the vehicle; and,
  5. If the person does enter the vehicle, the person must remain nearby with the animal in a safe location until law enforcement arrives. The person may not leave the scene.

To see the full text of AB-797, click [here]


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