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SCV News | Heroin Addict Faces Intervention in Rehab

Uploaded 06/05/2017

Heroin Addict Faces Intervention in Rehab

Heading down a dark path and facing several allegations of misconduct, heroin addict James gets kicked out of rehab for a short period of time.

Video by Austin Dave, Santa Clarita Valley Signal

(c) 2017 SCVTV | Santa Clarita Valley Signal
1 Comment for SCV News: Heroin Addict Faces Intervention in Rehab
  1. Albert Hasson says:

    I find it fascinating that this program is so willing to discharge a patient from treatment for using cannabis knowing full well that his next opioid use could be fatal. How short sided and arrogant can these so called treatment providers be. The goal is to retain those ambivalent individuals in treatment to allow the opportunity for their brain to heal and for the recovery process to take place, not to impose our will on them.

    The process of recovery is a partnership. The visual of the “counselor” looming over the patient as he sits on the floor, shaming and demeaning him is nauseating and shameful in itself.

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