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KHTS AM-1220 | Families in Action: Marijuana and Santa Clarita

Uploaded 06/12/2017

Families in Action: Marijuana and Santa Clarita

February 6, 2017

Hosts: Cary Quashen and Michael Dougherty

Topic: Marijuana and Santa Clarita

The City of Santa Clarita “hits the pause button” on marijuana to study the potential regulations with a moratorium in 2017. There will be no “pot shops” or regulation of marijuana by the city of Santa Clarita until it fully vets the process. On this episode of Families in Action, mayor Cameron Smyth comes on to discuss the city’s current stance and where it plans to be by the end of 2017.

“Shortly after Prop 64 passed, cities were allowed to do a 45-day Moratorium and could add an extension for a year once that ended which is what we did in Santa Clarita.” – Cameron Smyth

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9 Comments for Families in Action: Families in Action: Marijuana and Santa Clarita
  1. Keep it out of our town

  2. Marijuana is not killing anyone. Drunk drivers and heroin and pills are. Focus on what matters.

    • That’s total crap. Impaired is impaired. I’m a fireman and I’ve seen fatal wrecks do to marijuana

    • El Rey El Rey says:

      Stefano Filippelli yet maybe you, or others on off days drink alcohol responsibly yes? Same with others whom smoke cannabis responsibly. I don’t see you standing up to all the bars that are littered everywhere in the valley. Idiots, are idiots. I can’t blame all bars for all the drunk drivers. Even if I could. The money being generated for taxes and liquor licenses trumps that. So I guess once the money is in. It’ll all be good then. Thank you for your service as well.

  3. El Rey El Rey says:

    Having a biast radio show speak about a topic they know nothing about? As well as anecdotal evidence isn’t science anymore. People need to be informed about any substance they decide to take. Whether it be alcohol to cannabis. An informed public is a smart public, which leads to a safer public. Santa Clarita has a HIGH DUI rate. I don’t see the city sticking up a memorandum on all the dang Bars you got in SCV? Why? Money, and lobbyist. Don’t worry Santa Clarita. The money will make them follow the state law.

  4. Krista Fish Krista Fish says:

    It’s just gunna make awesome town a lot more awesome 😂

  5. Jon Capi Jon Capi says:

    Postponing is only delaying collecting the taxes generated by sales. Guess the council has enough money from the Toll brothers and other land developers lining their pockets.

  6. Brian Durand Brian Durand says:

    Man all these people should have voted. And if they did guess what you lost. The law has been passed the only way around it is to move to a state that has yet to follow suit. Santa Clarita Valley is not a tropical island on it’s own charted territory

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