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Total Financial Solutions | Total Financial Solutions: The Patriot’s Walk

Uploaded 06/12/2017

Total Financial Solutions: The Patriot’s Walk

January 17, 2017

Hosts: Arif Halaby & Jeff Girard

Guest: Robert Rosendary, “The Patriot’s Walk”

Topic: The Patriot’s Walk

In the first and second segment of this episode of Total Financial Solutions Safer Money Hour, Arif and Jeff have a special interview with former military Robert Rosendary who is on the back end of “The Patriot’s Walk”, his journey across the United States in hopes to Unite all Americans, spread love, and honor the Benghazi 4. As a black former-military man and father, Robert has unique insight into race relations and tensions in our country, and his walk to unite us all as Americans sends an important, powerful message to the citizens of this country.


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