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SCV NewsBreak | June 28, 2017:SCV Sheriffs Station Made 30 Arrests, St. Francis Dam Memorial Act Passed, More

Uploaded 06/28/2017

June 28, 2017:SCV Sheriffs Station Made 30 Arrests, St. Francis Dam Memorial Act Passed, More

Captain Lewis announced the SCV Sheriffs Station has made over 30 arrests of narcotic dealers in the Santa Clarita Valley as of June 15 during a press conference on Wednesday.

Local government, law enforcement and fire leaders held a press conference and fireworks demonstration Wednesday.

Visitors to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors’ website were not met with the usual homepage on Tuesday afternoon.

The House of Natural Resources Committee passed the St. Francis Dam Memorial Act.

Plus, your weather forecast.

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3 Comments for SCV NewsBreak: June 28, 2017:SCV Sheriffs Station Made 30 Arrests, St. Francis Dam Memorial Act Passed, More
  1. Donso says:

    100 years from now addiction will be treated as a disease and maybe law enforcement goes after pharmaceuticals and over prescribing doctors instead of a 74 yr old woman battling MS and numerous other major health concerns. Interesting how Carols pain management doctor immediately halted her Opioid prescription after her arrest. A prescription he felt appropriate for several years prior, according to carol.

    Ultimately, i believe lives will be saved.
    My condolences to those who have lost someone.

    Lastly, Carol is seeking legal advice regarding her criminal case and likely defamation lawsuit not yet filed.

  2. Donso says:

    I can only conclude that the Sheriff Dept must know Carol doesnt and would never sell drugs. Heroin is definitely a problem in Santa Clarita. How Santa Clarita has made Carol responsible for the problem is ridiculous. I believe the warrant was signed by the judge on the first day this special Narco team was formed. That, to me, is not due diligence.
    Hey Jack, maybe if you looked to your left or right instead of only at us, you could help against the heroin epidemic.
    Despite my jaded appearance regarding these matters, i do have respect the Sheriff s Department.

  3. Allan says:

    No resources were offerred or even menttioed to any of the residents of the house raided on ALAMINOS DRIVE. We did, however, endure plenty of durogatory comments made both directly to each of us as well as in our absence that can be seen and heard during the search captured by security cameras located throughout the house. Id like to know what diligence the Sheriff Department used in its conclusion that Carol Schlender sells drugs and furthers whos tireless investigating was responsible for bringing a search warrant looking for someone who had not lived at the reisidence for quite sometime..

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