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SCV Newsmaker of the Week | Holly Schroeder, SCV Economic Development Corporation

Uploaded 07/23/2017

Holly Schroeder, SCV Economic Development Corporation

Newsmaker of the Week: Holly Schroeder, President & CEO of the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation

Taped July 11, 2017

Holly Schroeder, President and CEO of the SCV Economic Development Corporation, talks with Leon Worden about what the SCV EDC does in and for the valley.

Host: Leon Worden

Producer: Patricia Silva

Director: Patricia Silva

Studio Engineer: Mike Mazzetti

(c) 2017 SCVTV
3 Comments for Newsmaker of the Week: Holly Schroeder, SCV Economic Development Corporation

  1. Owen Ceebee Owen Ceebee says:

    Propoganda is the perfect word here.

  2. is everyone else literally blind? this town is already at capacity, it wasnt designed to be a mini-city, its a goddamn subburb. were not built on a grid up here. more commerce means more money for you or whatever but for the rest of us it means more traffic, more bullshit the community has to deal with on the daily. so thanks. assholes

  3. Candace Soto Candace Soto says:

    Yay more propaganda

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