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The ARTree Speaker Series | The ARTree Speaker Series: Artist John Moffitt

Uploaded 07/28/2017

The ARTree Speaker Series: Artist John Moffitt

The ARTree Speaker Series presents John Moffitt, artist and scenic artist for various films such as “Jurassic Park” and “The Perfect Storm”.

A student of art from an early age, Southern California native John Moffitt took up painting after leaving college in 1969. By the early seventies his exhibited oil paintings were winning awards in both traditional and modern categories and his tromp l’oeil or surrealistic styled works were added to area collections. Over the decades, Moffitt has honed his crafts as a fine artist, muralist, illustrator and scenic artist, always exhibiting a masterful handling of draftsmanship and the tools of the trade.

His interest in large scale painting led him to the motion picture industry in 1975 where he worked as a motion picture Scenic Artist creating hundreds of monumental landscapes and cityscape backdrops as well as murals, fine art and portraiture for films and television. From Goonies to Ghost Busters, the Lethal Weapon series, the Batman series and the Ironman series to Benjamin Button, Moffitt’s artwork has graced the screen, his work often “hidden in plain sight.”

Moffitt is the speaker for the July installation of the ARTree Speaker Series.

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