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Around Town | Newhall Library Gives Free Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses

Uploaded 08/18/2017

Newhall Library Gives Free Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses

People lined up around the block outside the Old Town Newhall Library to grab a free pair of solar eclipse viewing glasses.

The Library estimated there was over 500 people in line for the glasses.

Through a partnership with NASA, the city was given 1,000 pairs of the special viewing glasses, which were partially given away on Friday and more will be given on during Monday’s eclipse viewing party.

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107 Comments for Around Town: Newhall Library Gives Free Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses
  1. Alisha calkins says:

    If be you still have anymore glasses can you please put two aside for me thank you.

  2. Jenny Aly says:

    I need 3 pairs please ~ thank you

  3. Dawn Ferrier Dawn Ferrier says:

    Mary Jane Spangenberg

  4. NOELLE M NEAL says:

    Need 4 glasses

  5. WOW…and the teacher at my sons school talkin bout buying these things for $70….smh

  6. Monique says:

    What time will Newhall Library give them out on Monday?
    Who is allowed to go to the viewing party ?

  7. Jun Qian says:

    Please keep for 3 pairs of eclipse glasses for our family please. My name is Jun Qian. Phone number is 626-518-2583. Thank you so much!

  8. Fanny Morales Lescano-Becker

  9. Sylmari Lee Sylmari Lee says:

    Walmart sells them for $1…Eclipser…And they are certified.

  10. Elisa Aguilar grace needs some

  11. Clemen Leon Clemen Leon says:

    Richard Lopezwe missed it

  12. I understand that it will be safe to look at the sun…….at night! 😊

  13. Katina did you already get them??? I need a few pairs!!😘❤️

  14. Marisol Cruz did you go get some??

    • Marisol Cruz Marisol Cruz says:

      I didn’t even know😳😳. Thanks Alexandra I’m gonna go check it out. They were selling some at 7-11 2/1.00. A coworker mentioned. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  15. Alexis Whitney (Book Reviews by Lexi )

  16. An option for tomorrow for those looking…

  17. I called the Canyon Country library looking for some and they told me they are only giving them out on Friday during an event for the Solar eclipse and then on Monday during the Solar eclipse. Since we will be out of the area that day I couldnt get any. So I found mine elsewhere luckily after searching everywhere.

  18. Emilee Byrs Emilee Byrs says:

    Taylor Stapleton don’t know if you found some already but I saw your post the other day!

  19. Shannon Rehe Shannon Rehe says:

    Do they still have some? I’ve been looking everywhere!

  20. Matt Liff Matt Liff says:

    Elana Gichon Liff

  21. Veronica Serna Cari Clapper ugh there we go guys

  22. Tracy Harnage Abbatoye

  23. Mariela Menchaca Mira !!!

  24. Sommer Amber Garces….weren’t u asking about this?

  25. Will they be passing those out tomorrow?

  26. Taylor Berry Taylor Berry says:

    Samantha Rossiter, that’s what the line was for…

  27. Misty, Dave, ikuha nyo Kami tomorrow.🕶🕶🕶

  28. Teresa Ortiz Teresa Ortiz says:

    Maggie Ortiz Martha Ortiz

  29. Rosario Romero says:

    I’m interested in getting at least one pair thank you so much

  30. Carlynn Kundert Weller

  31. Juana De Jesus Joselyn De Jesus Jonathan Enriquez

  32. Nayeli Clegg Nayeli Clegg says:

    Debbie Sherman Bivens

  33. Rene says:

    Hello I have my family of 5 people and we are interested in getting the glasses to see the eclipse. Thank you

  34. Elaine Vega Lara Anderson Forgrave

  35. Anny Meza Anny Meza says:

    SWEET! I need some

  36. Does anyone know what time on Monday they are giving them away?

  37. Trish Slade Gibbens check your library up there.

  38. You can also use the dark purple night heat light bulbs used for lizards. Close one eye and put the bulb against the open eye. You can see the eclipse with no damage to eyes

  39. Allison Ramos do u have yours yet?

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