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Sierra Vista Junior High | Sierra Vista Life, 10-24-17

Uploaded 10/24/2017

Sierra Vista Life, 10-24-17

DENIM DAY – As part of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Sierra Vista is participating in Denim Day on Friday, October 27th. Please consider donating $5 in the fight against breast cancer. We will provide you with a pink bracelet to wear with your jeans and pink shirt next Friday. This is our 13th year participating, and we have raised over $16,000! You can also earn Community Service Hours – 1 hour for 3 Denim Day donations of $5. Please come to room 617 for additional information. Thank you.

HALLOWEEN DRESS CODE – To ensure a safe learning environment, here are the costume guidelines for school on October 31st:
-Dress code policy will be strictly enforced. Therefore, all costumes must be school appropriate.
-Suggestive, graphic, inappropriate, offensive, or violent costumes will not be permitted.
-Costumes should not restrict the student’s ability to participate in instructional activities.
-Costumes that ridicule or demean others will not be permitted.
-Students are not allowed to bring items like imitation weapons, noisemakers, balloons, live animals, etc.
-Multiple students may not be in the same costume.
-Disruptive cosmetic items must be left at home.

For specific dress code information, please review page 5 in your binder reminder. If we find a student’s costume is a disruption to the learning environment, a guardian will be contacted and the student will be asked to change.

CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES – Today in clubs and activities the Anime Club is meeting in room 303 and the Film club in room 615. Hope to see you there!

POSTER CONTEST – Attention all students. The top 40 Posters of the 8th Grade Poster Contest are now on display at our library. The numbers on the posters are for identification only, and are NOT ranked by quality in any way. Please stop by the SV Library to pick up a ballot and vote for the “Student Choice” winner. One vote per student, and pick the one that makes YOU want to read the book. Student voting will continue until October 30th.

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