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The ARTree Speaker Series | ARTree Speaker Series: COC Animation Department

Uploaded 11/10/2017

ARTree Speaker Series: COC Animation Department

The ARTree Speaker Series presents the COC Animation Department, where students have worked on two films documenting the stories of two Holocaust Survivors.

The Animation program at the College of the Canyons is proud to be partnering with the Remember Us/Righteous Conversations Project to record and animate survivor stories from the Nazi Holocaust. As children, these men and women experienced the horrors from the worst of humanity’s collective past. Now their stories must be recorded or lost forever. These movies have been created by the animation students in Masha Vasilkovsky’s introductory and advanced animation classes. Along with her filmmaking partner Ruah Edelstein the students planned, recorded and then animated the stories that, along with the actual survivors themselves, form the basis of these movies.

The ARTree invites you to join the filmmakers/instructors Masha Vasilkovsky, Ruah Edelstein, Jeff Baker (Department Chair of Media Entertainment Arts) and Samara Huttman (Director of the Remember Us and The Righteous Conversations Project) to view and discuss the art and educational opportunities students and the public gain in creating these animated movies.

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