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City of Santa Clarita | Arts and Entertainment Summit: Amphitheater in Santa Clarita

Uploaded 02/22/2018

Arts and Entertainment Summit: Amphitheater in Santa Clarita

The City of Santa Clarita invited members of the community to a summit for suggestions and feedback for a potential amphitheater in Santa Clarita over at the Centre on Wednesday, February 21st.

This summit was a follow up from community input collected in 2015, which developed the Arts Master Plan. From the 41 recommendations in the Arts Master Plan, the City of Santa Clarita’s Arts Commission placed a priority to explore the feasibility of an amphitheater in Santa Clarita.

The presentation was held by Phil Lantis from the City of Santa Clarita, as well as members of AEA Consulting, a firm being used to collect data and comprise a project strategy.

If you would like to submit suggestions or feedback, you can do so before June of 2018 by e-mailing:

Phil Lantis –

Daniel Payne –

Laura Zucker –


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1 Comment for City of Santa Clarita: Arts and Entertainment Summit: Amphitheater in Santa Clarita
  1. Dave Rickmers says:

    This meeting was only attended by able bodied people with personal transportation and free time. The format excludes most citizens. Can we please get with the program and start having on-line civic business?

    Physical meetings are anachronistic and wasteful of time and energy.

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