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City of Santa Clarita | How It’s Done | Road Rehab

Uploaded 06/11/2018

How It’s Done | Road Rehab

Take a look at how the City of Santa Clarita fixes and maintains its roads through the Road Rehab Project.

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2 Comments for City of Santa Clarita: How It’s Done | Road Rehab
  1. only lasts 12 months then the asphalt turns grey/white….is that ‘how it’s done’?

    • Ben says:

      This is a temporary bandaid. Most of our streets are failing because they do not address the base under the road. Asphalt has no tensile strength, so cracks in the base will come through the “new layer” within 6 months.

      Until we have a comprehensive base rehab program, we will waste a lot of money on band-aid fixes that will not last.

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