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Finding Art Santa Clarita | Inside the Gallery: Donuts Exhibition Reception

Uploaded 06/21/2018

Inside the Gallery: Donuts Exhibition Reception

This art gallery is all about DONUTS!

The donut is one of the most highly-revered American pastries. It is currently experiencing a revival as more and more specialized donut shops continue to spring up around the country offering unique flavor combinations. The history of the donut is linked to the United States making the dessert a classic American icon.

Art displayed in this exhibit features, highlights, or uses the donut as a design element in the piece. All types of art are included in the exhibition including paintings, photography, sculpture, and more.

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1 Comment for Finding Art: Inside the Gallery: Donuts Exhibition Reception
  1. MsRhuby says:

    I’ll never look at donuts the same way again! Don’t you just love imagination?

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