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Sierra Vista Junior High | Sierra Vista Life, 8-29-18

Uploaded 08/29/2018

Sierra Vista Life, 8-29-18
Student Safety Drill:This Thursday, during RELAX, we will be participating in this year’s first Student Safety Drill. Teachers will be reviewing how to protect yourself and others in case of an emergency or an intruder enters campus.
We all ask that students participate and take this discussion seriously to ensure the safety of everyone here at Sierra Vista!

LET’S DO THIS FUNDRAISER:Hey Sierra Vista! Our “Let’s Do This” fall fundraiser that brings in all of the funds that make school unforgettable starts TODAY! You will be attending the kick-off assembly with your team at an announced time. Please remember to that during RELAX today, you will report to your first “Let’s Do This Homeroom” to receive information about the fundraiser. Please check the lists outside your team teachers door so you know where to report. There will be a special bell that marks the end of the homeroom, and then you will report to your “E” period class. Let’s do this, Sierra Vista!

Celebrating Birthdays:Hey plainsmen! This year ASB will be celebrating your birth month. If your birthday is in August, come out to the quad during lunch on FRIDAY, August 31st, to get a cookie. Don’t forget to bring you ID card since students will need to show their ID to get their cookie. Happy Birthday, from ASB, and stay tuned for future birth month celebrations!

Spirit day:” ASB Is hosting a Spirit day this Friday August 31st. Wear the color corresponding to your team name.
Majestics————Black and White ZEBRAS
Pioneers:————-Black or Orange TIGERS
Gold Rush:———-Gold or Yellow LIONS
Spurs:—————– Red or Blue BIRDS
Rangers:————–Pink or White FLAMINGO
Trailblazers: ——-Gray ELEPHANT


ASB will be coming around to give candy at B and C period. We hope to see you showing your plainsmen pride!!!
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