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Sierra Vista Junior High | Sierra Vista Life, 12-6-18

Uploaded 12/06/2018

Sierra Vista Life, 12-6-18

Masquerade Dance: Tickets are available for purchase for this Friday’s dance for $15. Please listen carefully if you’re attending the dance: ALL students MUST bring their ID card with them to the dance or you will be sent to the back of the line. Party Pack members just need to show their ID to get in to the dance.

Doors close at 5:30pm. Students will not be allowed to come in the dance after that time.Bring a jacket since it will be cold outside, and you are allowed to sit outside in the lunch area.

Dinner and a beverage will be served out of the cafeteria area. Students will be given a colored bracelet that corresponds to their dinner service time.Bring money for additional beverages and the photographer.The dance ends at 7:30pm. Students aren’t allowed to leave early due to safety reasons. Be sure to follow dress code; signs are posted around campus. Please be sure to have a ride scheduled to pick you up promptly at 7:30pm. Please see Mrs. Terranova in room 1002 if you have any questions.


Krispy Kreme Donuts: You can pre-order your own Dozen Krispy Kreme Glazed donuts any time over the next week for only $12 in the ASB office.  Then you just pick them up before school on Tuesday Dec. 18th! Your parents can order some to bring to work, and even teachers can order for a class reward.  Order forms are available in the ASB office.


ICAN: Castaic High school is set to offer future students the unique opportunity to have dual enrollment  in both the Hart district and College of the Canyons through a program called ICAN also called Canyons Academy North.The iCAN Academy will enable students to not only receive their high school diploma when they graduate, but also have a year of college coursework under their belt. The deadline to apply for this opportunity is Friday, Dec 14th. Please come see Mrs. Saunders in the counseling office for more details!


Spurs Students of the Month: Team Spurs would like to congratulate our Students of the Month for December.  Two outstanding students on our team are Rocio Reyes and Zach Orozco. They both are excellent students who demonstrate their desire to learn and show kindness to others every day.  Congratulations to Rocio and Zach!


Japanese Tea Ceremony: This Thursday, December 6th, we will have a very special Brown Bag Presentation in the SV Library at lunch. A Japanese Tea Ceremony will be presented by Madam Fumee Uh-kute-ga-wa and her associates. Students will get to witness this centuries old, Japanese tradition.  Plus everyone will get to taste the tea and Japanese sweets. See your 7th grade history teacher for a free ticket. 8th graders and non-ticket holder may attend if extra seating is available.

Clubs and Activities:  We have the fitness club in the fitness center after school, trading card club 101, Japanese tea ceremony in the library, and the concrete poetry painting in room 802 after school.

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