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Sierra Vista Jr. High | Sierra Vista Life, 8-30-19

Uploaded 08/30/2019

Sierra Vista Life, 8-30-19

“Let’s Do This”:  Hey Sierra Vista! Remember that the “Sponsor Sheet” turn in was extended through today, so you can turn in your “Sponsor Sheet” for our “Let’s Do This” fundraiser at the outdoor stage during brunch! And don’t forget that ANOTHER student who turns in their sponsor sheet will have their name called over the announcements at the end of the day TODAY to win a $100 Amazon Shopping Spree! If you didn’t register for your Pledge Star account last night, be sure to register over the long weekend and start asking friendly neighbors and family to help donate so you can win prizes and you can help our school! And don’t forget that Wednesday is our first FRAPPUCCINO day!!! Can’t wait to see which teams and homerooms are in the lead!

Understand: The teachers and staff here at Sierra Vista are on the lookout for any Plainsmen that are demonstrating the behavior expectation of UNDERSTAND. When a staff member catches you doing this, they may award you with a bit of flair to showcase on your backpack or binder. Students who earn these tickets can turn them into the ASB office and will be entered in a raffle for a chance to win a prize.

Lost and Found: The Lost and Found is located in the AP office. We have many unclaimed lunch boxes and water bottles. Please stop by if you are missing any of these items. 

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