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Sierra Vista Jr. High | Sierra Vista Life, 9-20-19

Uploaded 09/20/2019

Sierra Vista Life, 9-20-19

ENERGIZE Behavior: This week, the teachers and staff here at Sierra Vista are on the lookout for any Plainsmen that are demonstrating the behavior expectation of ENERGIZE. When a teacher or other staff member catches you doing this, he or she may award you with a bit of flair to showcase on your back pack or binder. Teachers or other staff may also award you with a Together We Succeed Ticket. Students who earn these tickets can turn them into the ASB office and will be entered in a raffle for a chance to win a prize.

SSA: If you signed up and turned in your permission slip for Safe School Ambassadors, we will be having our training on Monday and Tuesday next week. Report to the MPR first thing Monday morning.  

Lunchtime Intramurals: Lunchtime intramurals are coming back in October Sierra and Mr. Drabinski wants your opinion. What sports would you like to see at Sierra Vista? What type of sports/activities would you like to see during lunch? Is volleyball your sport? Do you want to play hockey? Does it sound fun? Go to the Sierra Vista home and under “News and Announcements”, click on the link and fill out the survey.  

Let’s DO This: For our final Let’s DO This turn-in, please take any cash or check donations up to the ASB window at brunch TODAY! Participants that turn in $20 or more get another fundraiser prize!

Fun Friday: Come out to the quad at lunch today for Fun Friday. Grab a partner and test your trust in the water balloon minefield. Participants will get a prize! ASB hopes to see you there!

History Competition: If you could travel back in time to witness ANY event in U.S. history, what would you choose? The signing of the Declaration of Independence? Gettysburg Address? The first automobile created on the assembly line? Your answer could win you up to $300 in this year’s   speech contest! Eighth graders- ask your history or English teachers for more information or stop by room 612 this Friday during lunch.

Instagram: In case you didn’t know, Sierra Vista’s Instagram page has reminders about school events to help keep you in the loop with what’s going on at school! It also features pictures of our students participating in school events so tag yourself if you’re in one of our pics! if you aren’t following us yet, you should, so you don’t miss out on school events!

The Succeed Center: Counselors will be available in the new SUCCEED Center during lunchtime on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. It is located next to the MPR across from the Library. Hope to see you there!

Spirit Points: Hey Sierra Vista, here are the spirit points as of September 16. Currently, Gold Rush is in the lead because they had the most people wearing pajamas on 9/9. In second place is the Trailblazers, third Pioneers, fourth Spurs, fifth Rangers, and sixth is the Majestics. Whichever team has the most points by the end of the quarter will win a team prize event. The winning teams of the Let’s Do This fundraiser will earn LOTS of spirit points, so be sure to help out your team on that! This score is very close, so keep it up, Plainsmen!!

Deputies of the Month: Team Rangers would like to congratulate our Deputies of the Month, Tristan Purfoy, Alyssa Pham, Kamal Molake, Katie Sharp, Zeneth Contreras, Dominick Tassone.  These students are respectful to their teachers and are well-liked by their peers and teachers. They always put 100% effort into all that they do, and they exemplify the Rangers’ motto of Courage, Integrity & Perseverance!  It is an honor to have Tristan, Alyssa, Kamal, Katie, Zeneth & Dominick on Team Rangers!

Obstacle Course: Come out to the quad at lunch on 9/23 to see your teachers attempt an obstacle course blindfolded while students guide them!

Activities and Clubs: Today in Clubs and Activities, we have Karaoke Club in room 607 and the Let’s Do This Fundraiser Bonus Turn-In at brunch at the ASB Window.

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