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Sierra Vista Junior High | Sierra Vista Life, 9-30-19

Uploaded 09/30/2019

Sierra Vista Life, 9-30-19

Deliver: The Sierra Vista staff are on the lookout for any Plainsmen that are demonstrating the behavior expectation of Deliver. When a teacher or other staff member catches you demonstrating the expectation Deliver, he or she may award you with some flair and a Succeed Ticket! Students who earn these tickets can turn them into the ASB office.

High School Musical 3: Come to room 621 on Monday, September 30th, with

your friends to watch “High School Musical 3!” There will be games and candy! Come have some fun!

Skittles Vacuum Challenge: Come on down to the outdoor stage on September 30 at brunch to participate in the Skittles Vacuum challenge! The students will try to get skittles from one plate to another in one minute. Have fun everyone!

Circle of Friends: The first official “Circle of Friends” meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 1st in room 620. Come hang out and meet new friends while participating in fun games and activities. If you have not turned in your application, please see Mrs. Mackey in room 1203. 

October Lunch Time Intramurals: October lunch time intramurals are almost here and it’s up to the students to choose. Go to the Sierra Vista website and vote now!

Getting to Know Our Staff: Check out ASB’s segment, “Getting to Know Our Staff.”

2019 Fall Honor Society Officers: Congratulations to the 2019 Fall Honor Society Officers!

Lee Denim Day: This FRIDAY, October 4th, is LEE DENIM DAY!! The SVCARES club members will be collecting a minimum of $5 from staff and students everyday this week during lunch in front of the outdoor stage. Every person who donates will receive a pink bracelet, and there will be a group picture during RELAX in front of the Outdoor stage for everyone who wears DENIM & PI

Clubs & Activities: Today in Clubs and Activities, we have the SV Cares Club after school in room 612, Model Builders in room 501, Karaoke Club in room 607, and Chess and Games club in room 301.

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