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Around Town | #SaugusStrong Vigil

Uploaded 11/18/2019

#SaugusStrong Vigil

The city of Santa Clarita hosted the  #SaugusStrong Vigil on Sunday, November 17th.

Thousands gathered at Central Park for a vigil to remember the lives lost at the Saugus High School shooting.

The vigil took place on Field 2, in the same location as the City’s Concerts in the Park events.

You can send a message of love and support at 

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2 Comments for Saugus Strong Vigil: #SaugusStrong Vigil
  1. Julie Pellowski Hurst says:

    I went to Saugus High when it was still under construction. We were the first freshman class. I graduated from there in 1979. I spent four years of my life there, and when I heard about this horrible tragedy, my heart and my head could just not accept it. We used to feel safe at school. We couldn’t have even fathomed the thought that something like this would happen to us back then. That was our school. Now these poor students will never feel safe again, people living in Santa Clarita will never feel safe again. When I lived there so many years ago,we could ride our bikes feeling safe, walking to the store, etc. The only drills we were practicing were fire drills and earthquake drills. Now kids have to practice mass shooting drills. Please know how sorry I am for all the families who have lost their loved ones and the kids who’ve been injured both physically and mentally. School is a place where you’re supposed to feel safe. My heart and my prayers go to everyone. God bless you all. Don’t make this change you. Be a Survivor, not a victim. If you feel the need to talk to somebody please do. Don’t be scared too because they want to help you.God bless.

  2. Eva Gritz says:

    Saugus High Class of 1985 is with you. We are #SaugusStrong. ~Peace and Love~

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