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Finding Art Santa Clarita | Excerpt From The Monstern! By Beck+Col

Uploaded 12/31/2019

Excerpt From The Monstern! By Beck+Col

“On the surface, the monsters are inviting: bright colors, fuzzy textures and shiny exteriors evoke sentimentality for childhood. Through humor, our work is disarming and seductive. The playfulness of our monsters and the lightness of our materials contrasts the gore and brutality of the film.

In The Monstern!, there are no heroes–only villains. Itā€™s main character is Americaā€™s greatest export: violence. No one lives.”

A full segment on Beck+Col will be featured in Season 4 of Finding Art.

To watch “The Monstern” in full, visit: Vimeo (Caution: parts of the film may not suitable to some viewers)
For more information about Beck+Col, visit:
Follow them on Instagram @beckandcol

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