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Santa Clarita Business MInute | Santa Clarita Business Minute Highlights Medical Device Company Neotech

Uploaded 01/28/2020

Santa Clarita Business Minute Highlights Medical Device Company Neotech

The city of Santa Clarita is a business-friendly community and aims to attract companies from around the world by offering incentives and benefits, such as lower business taxes, a highly-educated workforce, site selection assistance and plenty of space for expansion, that are hard to find elsewhere.
Neotech, a Santa Clarita medical device company specializing in neonatal and pediatric care, is the newest organization to be featured in the City’s Santa Clarita Business Minute video series.
Celebrating over 30 years of business, Neotech has launched new neonatal and pediatric care products in the Santa Clarita Valley for 15 years. After outgrowing its first location, Neotech expanded to a second building in Santa Clarita with plans to double its sales. Neotech centers its work on company and employee culture, as well as hiring employees who reside in Santa Clarita.
Striving to set the company apart from others, Neotech also works closely with healthcare professionals to develop advanced products and help bring those fresh ideas to the market. With clients ranging from patients – to those who care for them, Neotech continues to be a leader in their unique industry.
Santa Clarita Business Minute viewers will learn more about Neotech as a company, as well as the products it offers and why it continues to call Santa Clarita home. The Santa Clarita Business Minute is a video series designed to spotlight successful local companies, as well as programs offered by the City’s Economic Development Division. The City of Santa Clarita is home to more than 6,000 diverse global, national and regional companies.

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