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Sierra Vista Junior High | Sierra Vista Life, 01-31-20

Uploaded 01/31/2020

Sierra Vista Life, 01-31-20

Brought to you by Sierra Vista Life, the digital journalism class at Sierra Vista Junior High School in Canyon Country, CA.

Football Throwing Game: Hello Sierra Vista, come to the outdoor stage at brunch today to participate in the Football Throwing game. Throw a football through a hula hoop. You get three chances to get it in. If you get the football through the hoop, you get a piece of candy. ASB hopes to see you there.

Egg Race: Come to the Outdoor Stage at lunch today to participate in an egg race with your friends! The winner gets candy.

Library Cat: Attention all students. Did you know that libraries have encouraged cats to live in them since the early Egyptians? Centuries ago, they were used to eliminate rodents who could damage the scrolls. Today, they are kept as cute and cuddly library mascots in over 200 public libraries in the United States. Sierra Vista now has a virtual library cat on our newly decorated front doors. We’d like the students to name this cat. Please go to the SV Library’s home page to submit your name suggestions by Monday, February 10th. The best ones will go on a ballot for all students to place their vote!

Whimbys: Whimbys is a thrift store in the shopping center located next to TJ Maxx. Next time you’re cleaning out your closet, think of Whimbys. They will take any gently used items or clothing donations and if you say “Credit to SV school” they will give a percentage of money back to SV for your donation.

School Spelling Bee: The English Department would like to congratulate the following students for their outstanding performance in the SV School Wide Spelling Bee last week. Champion Speller, who will advance to the Scripps Regional Spelling Bee in March, is Chadwick Maybin. While 1st Runner Up is Janice Johnson and 2nd is Andrew Zah. All THREE of these students are 7th graders and are on the SPURS TEAM! Congratulations Spellers!

Kahoot!: Come to the MPR at lunch on February 4th to do a Kahoot about Sierra Vista! We will have Chromebooks for people who don’t have a phone, but won’t have enough for everybody. So, make sure to bring your phone so you can play!

Prohibited Selling: Attention students: please note that the selling of non-school fundraiser items on our campus is PROHIBITED. This includes the selling of food items, such as Girl Scout cookies, snacks, candy, as well as other items. All items sold on a school campus must be regulated for liability reasons. Please note, that if you are selling non-school fundraiser items on our campus, that they may be confiscated. Thanks for understanding.

Clubs and Activities: Today in Clubs and Activities, we have the Dance Club after school in room 612, Board Games in room 1002, Football Toss at the quad at brunch, and the Egg Toss in the quad at lunch.

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