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L.A. County District Attorney | Beware Online Coronavirus Scams

Uploaded 03/14/2020

Beware Online Coronavirus Scams

The growing coronavirus pandemic has people looking online for prevention tips. But beware of scammers who are posting fake information about treatments and local outbreaks.

The Federal Trade Commission has warned that fraudsters are creating websites to sell fake remedies. The scams also include using phony emails, text messages and social media posts to try to steal your personal information and money.


  • Do not click on links from unknown senders; they could load malware onto your devices.

  • Remain vigilant of emails claiming to be from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or disease experts. Directly visit the CDC’s website at

  • Be suspicious of online offers for vaccinations or cures for the coronavirus. Also, check the legitimacy of groups asking for donations for victims.

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