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Finding Art Santa Clarita | ‘My Love Goes Out to You’ by Eli Teplin

Uploaded 04/11/2020

‘My Love Goes Out to You’ by Eli Teplin

This video was submitted to SCVTV by Eli Teplin and Quincy Jones Productions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teplin’s note about this piece: Real talk. While most of us stay safe in our own homes, an entire community of medical professionals risk their lives to protect us. We gotta celebrate them!! This is a video of some of my friends (and friends of friends) on the front lines who have been working on our behalf day and night, set to a song I wrote with my good friends Trent Dabbs and Brian Brundage. This is for everyone working so hard to keep us safe. And even though #worldhealthday might be over, we want to say thank you, you guys rule, and our love goes out to you!!

Song Credit: My Love Goes Out to You by Eli Teplin
(c) 2020 SCVTV
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