| Mosquito Awareness Week: Mosquito Awareness Week Amid COVID-19

Mosquito Awareness Week: Mosquito Awareness Week Amid COVID-19

Uploaded 04/20/2020

Mosquito Awareness Week Amid COVID-19

The Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District (GLACVCD) joins other public health agencies statewide for California Mosquito Awareness Week, from April 19th through the 25th. While COVID-19 is not transmitted by mosquitoes, the increased attention on public health is an excellent reminder that there are many ways for residents to protect themselves from other viruses transmitted by infected mosquitoes.

To kick off California Mosquito Awareness Week and the mosquito season, GLACVCD will unveil its new mascot, Rita the Mosquita. Rita, a black and white striped Aedes mosquito, will make her debut on the District’s social media platforms on Monday, April 20th.

Visit the District’s social media pages daily on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram during California Mosquito Awareness Week to answer mosquito-related questions. One participant will be randomly selected each day for the distinguished Citizen Excellence Award. To join in on the fun, participants must reside or work in the District’s service area and must follow or like the District’s social media pages.

“Rita the Mosquita depicts the invasive Aedes mosquito that has been detected in Los Angeles County since 2011,” said Mary-Joy Coburn, Director of Community Affairs at GLACVCD. “Her presence is a fun way to educate residents about a not-so-fun fact: these aggressive day-biting mosquitoes can make us sick, so residents need to take action now to protect themselves from mosquito bites and diseases they can potentially transmit.”

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