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Around Town | Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital Hosts a Q&A 7/17/2020

Uploaded 07/17/2020

Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital Hosts a Q&A 7/17/2020

Larry Kidd, Ph.D., Henry Mayo’s Senior Vice President & Chief Clinical Officer, and Henry Mayo Physician, Tom Chiang, M.D. review the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Santa Clarita Valley and what precautions people should be taking for their safety.

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2 Comments for Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital: Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital Hosts a Q&A 7/17/2020
  1. Jeanne says:

    If Henry Mayo hospital could not support residence coming in with a heart attack or a broken leg and they were turned away and shipped to another hospital hours away it would be deemed unacceptable by the community. Why have they been allowed to get away with not having enough beds in their behavioral health unit to support our community?

  2. Jeanne says:

    Henry Mayo is NOT meeting the community needs for mental health intervention. The Behavioral Institute is always full and our residents end up being shipped hours away. With the increase in mental health issues and drug abuse leading to mental health issues Henry Mayo hosp is not kept up with the demand or need in our community. This is an emergency situation and they need to address it immediately! Also Facey has zero programs for drug abuse to be accessed by their patients and has a psychiatrist that is so overbooked new patients are not allowed unless you’re on the HMO portion. This is disgraceful.

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