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Around Town | SCV Water PFAS Ribbon Cutting

Uploaded 10/05/2020

SCV Water PFAS Ribbon Cutting

“In this day of social distancing, our ribbon cutting will look different. I wish we were able to gather on site to commemorate this huge milestone that highlights our proactive approach to addressing PFAS in the Santa Clarita Valley,” said SCV Water’s General Manager Matt Stone. “Instead, we’re looking forward to participating in our own bubbles that will be sewn together by the magic of video editing.”

During this virtual premiere event, SCV Water’s Board of Directors and members of the Agency’s leadership team will share project highlights as well as information on their preemptive strategies to protect water quality and restore groundwater supplies to customers. A ribbon cutting featuring SCV Water’s Board of Directors will wrap up the event.

About PFAS:
PFAS substances are a group of manmade chemicals that are prevalent in the environment and were commonly used in industrial and consumer products to repel grease, moisture, oil, water, and stains. Water agencies do not put these chemicals into the water, but over time very small amounts enter the water supplies through manufacturing, wastewater discharge and product use. Exposure to these chemicals may cause adverse health effects. For more information and resources on PFAS, visit

About SCV Water:
The Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency (SCV Water) is a full-service regional water agency located in the Santa Clarita Valley. SCV Water provides water service to approximately 73,000 business and residential customers. It was formed on January 1, 2018, when local water suppliers combined into one integrated, regional water provider. More information can be found at

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